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Costs of a customized scale model car.

"I'd like a scale model or miniature replica of my car. How much is that going to cost?"

No custom car rebuild is the same. The amount of hours necessary varies a lot. Mostly somewhere between 20 and 80 hours. It's a personalised scale model of your classic rally or race car which deserves special attention.

We will give you a quotation on your personalised model which is based on the base model and some detailed photo's of your car. Prices, excluding the base model, start at €500,-

Fill in this form for a quote!

Send us some pictures of your car and we will give you a quote. You can also use if the photos are too large. Also we would like to know the scale, the colours, the make, model and year.

Some base scale models or 'of the shelf' models are very rare so it might take a while for us to find the right model.

We ship world wide.

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