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The smallest garage for your bespoke & customized scale model cars.

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We customize an 'off the shelf' model to mimic your car in miniature.

Lots of scale models are for sale. Really special and unique is a replica of your own car. Your classic rally or race car! Or maybe your first car or sportscar. Even a company van is possible. In the exact colour, including accessories, a roll cage, safety belts, custom wheels, spoilers, airvents, decals and rally plates. Customizing a model takes 30 to 90 days once we started on the build.

Usually the waiting list is 4 to 12 month & prices start at €500,-


The 1:18, 1/18 or 1to18 are the most detailed models. These diecasts or resin models fit on an A4 paper.  


Most of these minatures are plastic kits. Beautiful made in many small parts. The 1/24 cars are as big as an A5 paper.


The most collected size as they take less space in a cabinet. Credit Card size yet almost as expensive an the big models.

Modification / Customize

Based on good photos we create a miniature of your car. A real customized scale model car. It can be a rally or race car of even an original classic car. The starting point is a stock die cast or plastic model. Every car is a one off.

The amount of work varies per model. The price of a rebuild therefore varies per assignment. You will receive a quotation on beforehand based on the model and detailed pictures of your car.

The options for modifying or customising your car:

Spraying model in colour
Body mods
Spoilers, wings, skirts
Rally equipment (Tripmaster, stopwatch, ect)
Roll cage and 4 point seatbelts
Alloy look on floor and door covers
Extra spot of fog lights
New steering wheel

Changing wheels (stock or custom 3D printed)
Carter protection
Weber carbs or turbo
Different seats and interior colour
Stickers, decals & rally plates
Rally 'dirt', rust, weathered look, ratlook, abandoned project
Scenery in the box or diorama

What do you need to do?

What do you need to do?

We source the base model, you provide the photos and we do the rest. It takes about 4 to 12 month to finish a model once we started the built. It can take a couple of month before we can start on your model.

You can also check in Google to see if a base model exists. Simply search for "1:18 make model". If nothing comes up we probably cannot do a custom / personalised build.

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